Frequently asked questions about Airfryer

What capacity to choose?

The capacity of your fryer without oil will depend on the number of people you want to enjoy, and of course your appetite! Today, the capacities of different models start at 600 grams for up to 1.5 kg for the largest.

It must be considered between 200 grams and 300 grams of chips per person. This obviously depends on the age of the person and of his interest.

A fryer without oil with 1 kg capacity will be enough for a family of 4. The cooking time is quite important; anticipate taking a model for your family. If your children are young and hungry, a larger model will also be interesting.

How much cooking time to prepare fries?

On average, count between 40 and 45 minutes of cooking for various models for a complete tour of fries.

Of course, these times are indicative only. The deadline to cook your dish depends on the type of food to prepare, the amount applied … And just for your tastes in terms of cooking! For example, prepare 1 kg of potatoes will take 45 minutes with the Actifry fryer without oil 1kg while only 500 grams have average only from 30 to 35 minutes.

Do the fries taste different?

In reality, much of the taste of fries comes from the oil in which they are bathed during cooking. The fries prepared with a deep fryer without oil will, therefore, have a different taste, which ultimately corresponds to the true taste of fries once deleted oil flavors. Some prefer the fries prepared in the old, others are fans of baked French fries with just a spoonful of oil. Everything will depend on your own taste.

Two small tips for the gourmets:

For fans of classic fries, simply add one tablespoon of oil in the preparation of your meal. You will approach greatly to the flavor of traditional chips while keeping a much lower fat content.

You will also be able to vary the pleasure. Try occasionally more exotic oils almond, hazelnut or others. Scent your oil with garlic; raise it with a little thyme. You will be pleasantly surprised!

How to wash its fryer without oil?

Another advantage of this type of fryer is the washing facility. If washing a traditional fryer falls obstacle course (several liters of oil to empty, filter clogged with fat, recurrent oil drips on the outside and inside of the appliance, regular splash of nearby items …), this thing is much easier for a deep fryer without oil.

When you prepare fried food without adding oil with the airfryer, the almost total absence of oil while cooking chips is clearly a huge advantage for the maintenance of the machine. But that’s not the only one. Indeed, different manufacturers offer easily removed fryers: the lid, the vessel containing the potatoes and the blade used to mix the chips are removable and can be removed from the block and washed without worry.

The best is that all this can be put in the dishwasher. No need to roll up your sleeves to tackle the chore.

What about unpleasant odors?

Frying odors associated with traditional fryers quickly invade the space and are not the most pleasant. Furthermore, these oil smells tend to soak in our clothes and stay several hours in your home.

With a deep fryer without oil, you can say goodbye to all that. In addition to, your sense of smell also will thank you! For this machine, the source of all these evils is present in very small quantity since a single spoon enough to cook potatoes. Or not at all in the case of using frozen chips, which are already pre-cooked in oil, making it an unnecessary addition. This is not only applied for fries, this works for many other recipes.

Everything is cooked in a closed environment, no unpleasant emanation is expected. For the most sensitive, note that some fryers have an odor filter as well.


The Philips Airfryer is a fryer that does not use oil (or a small amount) to cook food that traditionally would in a deep fryer or oven. Through Rapid Air technology it allows sear until they are crispy fries as chicken wings and other snacks, with the release of the amount of oil or fat used in traditional fryers.

A healthier way of eating fried. The combination of grill and hot air circulation allows cooking with up to 80% less fat compared with oil and fried foods cooking time is reduced.

As soon as I arrived and saw how beautiful it was I did not have time to photograph it and start testing recipes.

The starter pack consists of the Philips Airfryer, a project guide, and 1 recipe book.

Let’s analyze in more detail:

I chose the color white for what that color was more me in my whitest combined kitchen but is also available in a stylish black.

The Philips Airfryer consists of a body of which the so-called “pan” is introduced the basket where we put the food is removed. This is removable from the front and can be washed in the dishwasher. It is made with a non-stick coating and a maximum of 800 gr. ingredients.

The trough or pan is aerodynamically designed which allows air circulation at high speeds and foods are well crispy outside and tasty inside. It also has the ability to split into two with the help of a separator and so we can prepare two meals at once, such as potatoes and chicken, etc.

With a convenient handle to open at any time made with materials is not heated.

The back includes an air filter that prevents odors and vapors in the preparation of meals, leaving (for me something fundamental) kitchen clean and cord storage compartment.

Regarding the controls, which are analog controller adjustable temperatures at temperatures ranging from 80 to 200 ° C and timer with times ranges from 1 to 30 min. It has two indicator lights that indicate that the Airfryer is running or is warming up.

Summarizing my first venture to start this project I consider


  •         Comfortable, functional design and easy to adapt to any type of cuisine
  •         Easy to clean
  •         Comfortable to use for the simplicity of its drivers
  •         Cooking different foods at once without the mixing flavors
  •         Minimal and almost negligible vent and odor
  •         Healthy cooking with less fat and less time. Saving considered spending oil
  •         Practical thimble when not in use

Ideal for homes with children with concerns to help in the kitchen or for those who may one day have to prepare their food (security by not having to walk with steaming pans, hot oils and gas fires or electric)


  •         It does not have an on / off timer different
  •         A mold for cakes or pies is not provided
  •         The weight of the bucket
  •         No window to view food while cooking

Also, comment that the recipe book of Philips airfryer recipes included in the pack is very focused on potatoes, but I have seen that you can do everything and in the following post I will upload the dishes elaborated with them are sweet (on this blog) or salty (in the taste of salty). I would urge everyone to follow in my footsteps because I assure you will be amazing that doing them is so easy (the main feature of my kitchen and blogs) and colorful.

As a first example, we did some recipes: a homemade chips Galician, brushstrokes with a tablespoon of olive oil and in about 10 min (to make them crunchier If they were frozen, there is no need as they came pre-cooked) to 200temp then they were ready.

To put to use the separator: a homemade Galician potato and frozen chicken nuggets. They were made at a time and no flavors mixed. We left about 12 minutes, although the nuggets were already done at 8-9 min.You can read more about air fryer reviews at 1 CUP AWESOME.This site provide truely guide and reviews to help people pick the best air fryer.

Tips: things should be noticed when using chainsaws

1. Frequency of use: casual or intensive

Now if you have many trees and shrubs in your garden or have a garden with various fruit, or simply a very large lot, then you need a chainsaw with more power which is able to perform intensive labor and with a range of court not forcing you to be connected to the mains. That is, you need a chainsaw gasoline.

As you see, the type of work you do determine the choice of the machine. The thicker and harder the wood that you cut or more intensive work you will perform, you need a more powerful and longer sword machine. In the catalog we offer you finding Tuandco, you will have further detailed in each of the machines that are best suited to each work’s demand.

2. Security

Do electric or gasoline chainsaws guarantee your safety while working with multiple devices?

The chain brake stops the machine automatically and immediately when it detects a setback. Due to this breaks, you can manually activate the lever that protects the left hand.

The trigger on the handle is the knob that controls the throttle. In most models, they are provided with a safety lock.

Electric chainsaws have a cable clamp to prevent accidental unplugging the machine.

Operate the machine safely

The machine is equipped with safety devices but you have to also take your own precautions:

  •         Wear gloves and goggles and appropriate clothing and footwear.
  •         Before you start working, you have to make sure that the blade is set, the string taut and check that the chain brake works.
  •         Always drive the machine with both hands. Left on the top handle and right on the trigger. Hold it firmly and maintain a balanced stance.
  •         Always make adjustments chain unplugged
  •         Do not cut with the tip of the sword because the machine and the blade can be moved backward in a sudden backward movement.
  •         Watch the tip of the blade short while so you do not accidentally trip over a tree trunk or another branch.

3. Tips for commissioning and maintenance

  •         Although some models are already assembled, when you purchase a chainsaw, either electric or gasoline, you have to mount the bar and chain. Do this by following the manufacturer’s instructions and Protect hands with gloves. Installation and commissioning of the machine for the first time are crucial for smooth operation.
  •         If you choose an electric chainsaw, always plug it into an outlet grounded, and never use if it is raining. Keep the sword away from the cable while you work.
  •         Both for electricity and for gas remember the importance of monitoring the oil level in the chain to ensure proper operation.

After each use, clean the chain with a little oil and plastic cover to protect it from moisture. The blades are worn with use so you should sharpen the chain occasionally. If you want to accumulate more about how to choose a chainsaw, click here

Typical models of powerful and effective chainsaws

Nowadays, finding a good chainsaw is not difficult. Many companies today offer quality services where renting and selling powerful and effective logging chainsaws.

Power Brand Stihl chainsaws

These Stihl chainsaw models are currently leading the market in terms of ergonomics, quality, and performance. They are the most chosen and accepted among the most powerful chainsaws, because over time, they have been improving and specializing in their functionalities.

Things to highlight their progress

During all these years, Adreas Stihl, creators, and founders of gardening Equipment Company, have been concocting best systems using this fantastic tool for logging.

And among them, things to note are for example weight reduction and improvement of its overall performance to achieve better efficiency in the results.

The policy of Andreas Stihl Company has always been a faithful commitment, with a style of life better for their customers, something that has taken into account.

Innovating systems

The Stihl chainsaws have a revolutionary new system ElastoStart rated highly effective anti-vibration damping.

New braking system

These chainsaws have raised the level of functionality, dexterity, ease and effectiveness.

The company Stihl, has maintained its line over the years, an industry where fierce competition exists for the sole purpose of becoming the best, something that unfortunately not many get.

But this is not the case for Stihl, accountability; constancy and strength have made it, in one of those companies that carries a luxury brand, in which everyone is aware when you decide to buy a chainsaw with potential.

The constant developments and advances of Andrea Stihl, have catapulted him to the top, making today, its powerful chainsaws, are an essential tool, to caress an object when cutting, barely noticing.


It is a practical reliable and powerful chainsaw for gardening. It has quality and gets a result of efficient cutting, without effort and in a short time. Cutting height has no limit, mowing the branches and stems gardens; it only takes a few seconds.


With value for money, it is economical for all that is left of life to you. You have a good tool for many years, a good friend to cut as long as you take care and keep properly.

Chainsaw RYOBI very Power Brand


With this model of energetic Chainsaw RYOBI, many tasks are done, easily and comfortably. It is reliable, has quality, good performance, and a very affordable price.

This type of chainsaw RYOBI, may be the solution to almost all your problems with the garden.

Profile: Reliable, simple and easy to use and great value for money. It is ideal for the garden, comfortable and great to work handsaw. It does not give scares and waste your time, a good friend to cut and get what so difficult for others.


Nothing can surprise, quality and performance speak for itself, is a quality without limits, which is not in any tool powerful cutting, chainsaw RYOBI, is a world apart because it has what you look for and what many do not found.

A luxury you can afford to get all your life, strength, quality, efficiency, comfort and satisfaction.

Potential dynamic brand chain saw Makita

Powerful machine Makita chainsaw brand, this is the best rated chainsaws to buy.

The distinguished robust chainsaw Makita is known for its users, to stand out from its competitors by its high reliability and efficiency when doing the work.

It’s comfortable, easy to use and fast in their tasks, removing the entire medium, and in a very short time.

It is a chainsaw uneconomical for interesting quality performance and also is best small chainsaw to buy

Main factors when choosing a chainsaw

Chainsaw is one of the tools that facilitate and expedite maintenance garden and orchard. Being an important acquisition which is not usually done often, we recommend that you consider these criteria to make a successful and profitable in the short and long term choice.

These are the main factors you should consider when choosing a chainsaw:

1. The thickness of the branches

Fans of the garden and orchard trees use light and medium chainsaws to cut small, prune its branches and chop firewood. But if you just want to do this very occasionally, it will be enough with an electric chainsaw, with very little maintenance, always works.

2. Electric or gasoline

Electric power saws used to cut soft wood up to 20 cm in diameter. Their engines range between 1,600 and 2,200 W of power and the length of their blades are between 35 and 40 cm.

Chainsaw gasoline systems is equipped with a displacement between 33 and 45 cm3 (i.e., a power of 1 to 3 horsepower hp) and a sword from 35-45 cm in length allow you to cut hardwoods up to 35 cm diameter.

There are also higher gasoline chainsaws displacements and longer and swords but are intended for professional use.

Therefore, gasoline chainsaws have more capacity cutting power and do not depend on the connection to the electricity grid, they also have more autonomy. However, they require preparing the fuel mixture and a little maintenance (cleaning of the spark plug, air filter, and fuel filter).

Another important aspect when deciding the weight of the machine: Please note that the lighter you have, the more comfortable you will be working with it.

3. Other technical features that you should consider

All chainsaws have a cutter bar or sword by which the chain moves. The chain is provided with blades that are responsible for cutting. As already discussed, the length of the blade determines the thickness of wood that can cut the machine.

The machine has a lubrication system which dispenses oil in the chain using a small pump to keep it always lubricated. This oil makes the chain go smoother and cooler, avoiding overheating. If the lubrication system is automatic and the machine has a centrifugal clutch, reduces fuel consumption and prevents the machine pull oil idling.

Another important for a chainsaw to work well is maintaining proper chain tension. You’ll have to check and adjust the tension frequently, so it is best to choose a model that has an automatic chain tensioner or without tools.

Petrol chainsaws have a primer; we use to pump gas into a carburetor starter, which opens the passage of air to make it easier for the spark plug to ignite the fuel when the machine is cold. But sometimes it is not easy to set up cold machines and, therefore, appreciate that the engine is easy to start, i.e., to pluck minimal effort without giving excessive pulling the starter rope.

If you use the machine in branches of difficult access that force you sometimes make little awkward positions, you should know that some gasoline models carry a membrane that facilitates the smooth operation of the machine in any cutting position.

To facilitate the work, make more durable and silent machines, and be more respectful of the environment, the current trend in petrol models is a mounted engine which ensures more power with less fuel consumption, as Oxipower engines.

Ergonomics and safety devices of the machine

All chainsaws have a handle to hold and control the machine with the right hand. This handle is designed so that it surrounds and protects the hand inside. The top handle is to handle with your left hand. In this case, the hand is protected by the lever for manual control of the chain brake.

If you’re using the machine frequently choose a machine equipped with an anti-vibration system in which the handle and the top handle are isolated by rubber shock absorbers to reduce vibrations that come to blows.

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